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THEO The Style

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website.  I'm Tiff Chan, founder of THEO The Style (TTS) and a certified personal color consultant, corporate trainer, stylist and an alcohol-art tutor.  I hope you will find something that sparks your interest here.


Shopaholic Realization

I started an online apparel business in 2017, it was a birthday gift for myself when I was feeling stuck in career and I just really loved shopping. It made me feel good to own new things!  Having my own shop was incredible, I was able to choose whatever I like for selling (more for myself!).  Then I jumped in at the deep end and followed my love of styling dealing with different styling requests from customers.  Their confidence in me was an endless source of inspiration as I navigate my day-to-day routines.  I brought a depth of analysis to the merchandizes as well as every styling request, offering my customers insights that are founded strongly in reality and that take into account all the latest trends.  It was the beginning of my best decade and it flipped the script on my everyday life!!

The Turning Point: Choose Well & Waste Less

When I found my true calling as an Image Consultant / Stylist, I pushed myself even further with color.  I realized that there's no such thing as "one color/style suits all", then I started to take education in this field seriously, I have obtained my Personal Color Consultant qualification from Japan and completed the Association of Image Consultant International certified training by an Image Consultant Master, and became a member of the Association of Image Consultant International.  And now here I am taking my passion seriously - I have become even more deeply fascinated with the intricacies of aesthetics, going on to further study striving to know everything that there is to know with regards to color, image and styling, sustainable fashion, wardrobe organization, fabric and tailoring, face and body proportion, makeup and hair .. etc.  Hoping that my knowledge in the above can make a small contribution in creating a better and greener living environment.


Never-Ending learning

"Be Better" is one of my personal goal, pushing beyond the threshold into new territories is so much fun and therefore I am on my way to the practice of Improving Wellbeing - Art & Psychology.  My Mindful Art journey began in 2020 and I found it very satisfying!  I have completed Japan Alcolhol-Ink Art training and have became a qualified tutor.  This medium allows me to abandon perfectionism and be free and playful as I dabble with different inks, in the meantime, I am going on to study in Positive Psychology and exploring other interesting subjects!!  I'd like to share my knowledge, create helpful and interesting experience with anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by stress.

When a career and a passion come together

I am doing what I love doing - Experiencing the power of color, styling and art, positively influencing others with my sense and knowledge.  Talking with people who need clarity and solutions.  Maybe that's you!?  Really hearing where you are at right now, what's not working, what you'd like to change.

Whatever your station is in life, I am here to tell you that you never need to settle for the mundane or the boring. If you are ready for a change and drive your own success, then I am ready to help you along the way.  I will be organising art workshop from time to time, please follow me to stay informed on future workshops!

Or, if you have some great business idea, feel free to check out how we can work together #collab !

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