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1) What is Personal Color Analysis (PCA)?

The goal of a Personal Color Analysis is to identify your natural color tone and to accurately place it into one of the scientifically organized 4 seasonal tones.

Your analysis will be conducted by Tiff Chan, Japan Certified Personal Color Consultant.  Your skin will be assessed through a logical and systematic test color draping process with calibrated drapes. We will see the different affects created on the skin, hair and eyes by the progression of the various test colors.  You'll begin to see what colors enhance your natural beauty and which ones oppose you. This process is tried and proven and your suitable/unsuitable color will be accurately determined by the end of the analysis.

I'll discuss your colors and how to use them when you're shopping or in your closet.  You will walk away from your THEO experience with the confidence and clarity you need to utilize your unique color palette to your advantage.

2)  What are the benefits of PCA?

  • Simplify your wardrobe, makeup, accessories, and home decor - declutter your current wardrobe/makeup graveyard!

  • Shop like a boss and save $! Thanks to your seasonal color tool, you'll know what colors are your best and you'll be able to shop more efficiently and effectively!

  • Confidently know your best shades of colors to assist you in your career, relationships, and goals for the rest of your life!

  • Look healthier, stronger, and more beautiful surrounded by your colors that harmonize with you!

  • Receive positive benefits from your color analysis for the rest of your life!

3) What should I be aware of when purchasing a PCA service?

  • What type of PCA it is i.e. Japan Four Seasons (the most widely use system in Japan or other color system in 12/ 16 types; 

  • What sort of training the consultant have had,  you can find on their bio on website the program they have taken;

  • Make sure they are recognised or certified program they have taken;

  • Look at their testimonials; 

  • Find out what is included in the color analysis appointment so when you know your color palette you will know what hair/ eyewear/ makeup/ clothing and accessories, these should be a part of your consultation;

  • What post-analysis consultation services are available.

4) Which option is best for me?  Online or In-Person is better?

If you can hardly spare few hours but you want to learn your color palette, general color matching skills and advice by a professional at a cheaper rate, online PCA can fulfill your needs.  

If you want to know in significant detail how the color analysis process in general and significant details, In-Person Personal Color Analysis as this option may be a better fit  (1-on-1 consultation is available for booking, check out our self-service booking page from time to time)

5) What is the difference in Online Color Analysis and In-Person Color Analysis?

The major difference for online color analysis is the process, duration and price.  You are required to submit photos before meeting, we do have special request on the photos you submit.

6) How to schedule an appointment?


Self-service Booking System

You can choose your desire date and time, receive booking information i.e. payment method, confirmation, location map and booking reminder by email.


Should you need assistance by customer support team, please message us and we'll response in 24 hours.


*Due to unstability of message receving in Social media platforms, we strongly recommend you making appointment via the above channels

7) What kind of payment do you accept?

TTS accepts Bank Transfer, Fast Payment System (FPS) and PayMe.

8) Can I reschedule my appointment? 

Due to high demand of appointments, we do not provide change of appointment after booking is confirmed.

9) Any Late / Cancellation / No-show policy?

Arrival Time

Please arrive to your appointment at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time for Covid-19 Precautionary Measures (see below).  All services offered have a specific time schedule, and early arrival allows for a relaxed and unhurried experience. If late arrival is inevitable, your session will be shortened in order to keep on schedule.


Late Arrival

We require that the appointment be late arrival more than 15 minutes, or it will be considered as cancellation / no-show.  We regret that late arrivals will not receive extension of scheduled appointment time. In special cases, and when our schedule will allow, we may be able to accommodate a partial appointment.  This will be at our discretion and only with advanced notification of late arrival.

Cancellation & No-Show

Cancellation & No-show appointment will not be compensated or refunded.


10) Can I eat / drink inside TTS's studio?

It is recommended to consume your meal or drink before appointment, this will help prevent any stomach discomfort during the appointment.

Tea and confectionary are no longer be served.

11) Can I bring companion?

Our services are personalized and private, contents are exclusive for paid individuals only.  We do not provide sit-in or trial session, all companion are required to wait outside TTS's studio. 

12) Can I take photo or make voice/ video recordings?

We welcome notes taking and reasonable photo takings for self reference.  Tag/ mention @theothestyle or location check-in for personal sharing on social media/ blog/ channel would be appreciated.

Written informed consent must be obtained from TTS for all voice and video recordings.

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