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Workshop for Sales Industry
Workshop for Sales Industry

How personal image can be improved by picking suitable color

PCA Demonstration

Demonstrating how personal image can be improved by picking suitable pattern & print density

Pattern Test for Men


By understanding the importance of appropriate image for your business, grounds for matching colors and understanding the effects of producing colors according to the purpose and environment, the opportunities for human resources who have acquired personal color and image knowledge can be further expanded as follows:


Workshops can be fun, relaxing or educational.  Customized agenda and topic is available to suit your every needs, such as "Interview Attire" workshop to fresh graduates, fashion & beauty sharing or Personal Color experience workshop to the valued VIPs.

Founder Tiff is passionate in education and experienced in event, fashion and beauty. You’ll find creative and tailored approach to be more personal, interactive and effective in boosting the overall engagement of your target audience or customer experience.


Certain colors evoke certain emotions and voila: your brand colors have the ability to impact your sales or performance even more than the products you offer.

Personal color and styling is possible to make proposals that fuse objective grounds and subjective senses, such as directing impressions more precisely and aiming for specific effects.

Personal color & image can be applied on marketing material, retail space, product display, staff uniform and makeup standard.  Tiff will assist you with her aesthetic sense, knowledge from studies and experiences gained in her previous career.


Customer loyalty is much less about what you sell and much more about how you sell and the overall experience.

Founder Tiff has 15 years solid working experience in hospitality industry, worked in different roles in 5 stars hotel, exhibition hall and airlines.  She will lead you to understand how personal style & color can be incorporated into the season's trend as a new measure of upselling technique. 


It is proven that surprise customer by pairing the unexpected items in a harmonize way and provide advice to customers based on common psychological effects based on objective grounds (e.g slimmer/ small face effect, brightening effect) can increase customer satisfaction.

Contact us to find out how workshop and training can be done with fresh thinking and creativity!

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