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Save time & money, have a selection of clothes you love

1 Hour 15 Mins   |  HKD800

E-Commerce Shopping

This service include:

  • Get-to-know-you online video call – 1 hour 15 mins

  • Defining your face and body shape, personal style and understand your preferences

  • Selection of up to 8 items (clothes and accessories)

  • Shopping guide with pictures and links

  • ​The "16 Wardrobe Essential" guide

  • Professional feedback on everything you buy & try on (respond in 24 hours)

  • Personalize styling tips for improving your look

Who are shopping consultations suitable for?

If often you:

  • feel trapped with emotional purchases

  • feel lost in fashion trends every season

  • find it challenging to combine clothes

  • are disoriented in the sea of clothing and brands

Or overall:

  • shopping is not your favorite activity

  • you find it difficult to decide what are the right designs for you

  • you cannot identify your personal style

  • you hesitate about what suits your body type

Online Shopping is a good fit for you if you need:

to build a new wardrobe due to weight gain/loss


  • to update your closet and style due to a new working place

  • to elevate your Personal appearance

  • to find the best clothes for a photo shooting or video recording

  • to have the right set of clothes for a special occasion

  • to complete the seasonal wardrobe with new items

  • to make a Special Gift to a friend

Case: Shoes searching for client Karen
Shopping advice

Karen works in an interior design and construction company, busy work schedule in meeting clients and lots of site visiting.  She has been a big fan of Ferragamo shoes for long and she would like to have a change in style and been looking for a pair of flats or low-heeled shoes that stretches and bends as she moves throughout the day,  keeping her comfy without compromising on style.

Having understand Karen's occupation, living style, preferences, needs and budget, I started to think of brands that have stylish flat shoes and narrowed down the choices by price, material and color etc.


I  managed to find her some shoes that are high quality, trendy in style and of course within Karen's budget.  From understanding her preferences and needs to the moment that she place order, whole process taken place online and by Whatsapp messaging.


Get to know YOU


  1. Send Tiff some photos and information

  2. Schedule an online video consultation



Take place in the form of one-off session lasting 60 minutes:

  1. Define your face & body shape & fashion style

  2. Understand your lifestyle & shopping preferences

  3. Personalized styling technique

Shopping Guide


  1. Personalized merchandise selection:

- up to 8 items including clothes & accessories

- shopping guide with pictures and links

  2. The "16  Wardrobe Essential" Guide:

- Your must-have items for a timeless wardrobe



Free support via Whatsapp or other online texting tools, answering your questions based on the E-commerce Shopping.

Feedback on everything you buy and try on.

Respond in 24 hours.

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