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Please contact for individual or team styling request

Each person gets the tailored attention they deserve, as I help with their every fashion and styling need for any occasions and events e.g. interview, wedding, parties, portrait photography, social media image, press conference .. etc. 

Spending $0 by pairing the clothings you already have or shopping for new outfit are at your choice.


I know how to make you look and feel your best, appropriately dress for every occasion no matter if it's for your business, social, or personal life.  I will get you back to the stylish person you truly are in no time.


Curious to learn more? Get in touch with me today.


Wedding Guest

I say red is totally fine to wear to a western style wedding as long as the style of the dress is appropriate (nothing too revealing).  The only wedding guest rules I follow are never wearing, under any circumstances, any white dress and no head-to-toe black. 

This is how I rock a red elegant jumpsuit, bringing in the chic and stylish feeling.  I always considering “TPO” for all styling request - Time / Place / Occasion and also client's personality and preferences.

Time - October, wedding take place later in the evening

Place - Winery in California where color is vibrant

Occasion - Close friend's wedding

Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Patent Heels
Leather Jacket
Red Nail Polish
V. Sattui Winery
V. Sattui Winery
V. Sattui Winery
What she said


Black and white outfit are professional's best friend.  Our approach was using what she already has in the wardrobe - black and white, looking different to her usual work days and keeping her elegant at the same time.  TPO again!

Time - Late autumn, barely warm but still cool

Place - Decent, high range restaurant

Occasion - Birthday Dinner

Polka Dot Dress
Pearl Earrings
Natural Lipstick
Flat Shoes
Chain Belt
18K gold
Tweed Jacket
Red Roses Cologne
Good to go
Styling for dinner

Portrait Photography

What you are wearing, how your hair and makeup is done in a portrait are just as important as all the other details such as lighting and posing. Poor styling can really take away from an otherwise really great portrait.  

Below is my recent project "Styled Myself" - Glam Chic.  Color coordinations of background & outfit, makeup & hair were planned and projected as I wish.  I hope it shows what happens when the style and clothing have been planned and lots of communications with the photographer and makeup artist were made. 

Photos by Alan Yum   |  Makeup & Hair by Emmy Yip

Below styling was done for Ms Amy Hui (Ambassador of Sports Federation & Olympic Commitee of HK & Table Tennis Coach).  A set of marketing photos was taken for different purposes, platforms and audiences such as commercial, youth education and parenting. So you can see cool-sporty & girly-sporty look, business look and elegant look which allows her to use according to different marketing purposes.   |   Photos by Owl Photo Studio

Sporty 3


Sharon Chan (Nutritionist) @Big City Shop 《流行都市》
Sharon Chan (Nutritionist) @Big City Shop 《流行都市》tionist @Big City Shop 《流行都市》
Amy Hui @The Green Room 《今日VIP》
The Green Room 《今日VIP》
Sharon Chan (Nutritionist) @MIHK.TV
Sharon Chan (Nutritionist) @MIHK.TV
Sharon Chan (Nutritionist) @Miss Asia《20
Sharon Chan (Nutritionist) @Miss Asia《20
Promotion Video - Shelter Dreams


Press Conference
Gala Dinner - 2GSA
Grand Opening - Nexus
Ceremony - New World D
Ceremony - New World Development
Business Launch - Business Lady Association
Seminar - BabyKingdom
Talent Contest - Rotary Club
Talent Contest - Rotary Club
Ceremony - Gifted Education Foundation
Ceremony - Gifted Education Foundation
High Table Dinner - HKU
Award Ceremony - Asian Film Award
Ceremony - Rotary Club
Seminar - Rotary Club


LUAHK Magazine
LUAHK Magazine
LUAHK Magazine
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