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My Online Services bring image consulting to your location. 
Let's work together to avoid impulse purchases while unleashing the most fashionable version of yourself!

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Photo taking for consultation

After you've purchased an online analysis here and sent in what it is required (varies for different services), you need to send me some photos of yourself.

Online PCA is based on color gene. Therefore, your genetic color preferences determine your suitable color range!

Obviously the accuracy of my analysis will be dependent on the quality of your photos.

Now is not the time to try to "look your best" by wearing makeup or showing you in only soft flattering light. I need to clearly see your eyes, skin (freckles and all) and hair. Absolutely no colored contact lenses please!

CRITICAL: I need at least one large photo of you that is:
*A head shot looking straight ahead and a full body shot
*No makeup
*Hair off face
*Good lighting (no shadows)
*As high resolution as possible (clear and large)

Essentially I need pictures that clearly represent your coloring or face and body. Here are some tips:

  • Professionally taken photos like those from glamourshots, school photos and wedding photos are helpful, but not if they have color altering filters applied to them.

  • Photos that show your hair color before you started coloring it (if applicable) or before it changed due to hormones or age are helpful (for PCA only).

  • A specific picture of just your eye color helps, though any good photo that shows them clearly is sufficient (for PCA only).

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