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Find out your color palette 

1 Hour 15 Mins   |   HKD1,000

Check-up session gets 10% off

Online PCA

Color analysis is essential in every styling transformation. With it, you bring back the joy of the game with different tones and emphasize your individual radiance and charm.

This service include:

  • 1 hour 15 mins online video consultation

  • Defining your individual color palette

  • The best color combinations from the palette

  • Defining your “color contrast” and how to apply it

  • Suitable metals for jewelry & accessories

  • The best makeup and hair colors

This online color analysis is right for you:

  • No more wandering around the stores

  • You learn which colors work best for you

  • Combine your clothes with ease, style and imagination

  • You learn about basic and upgrade colors

  • You grasp the difference between warm and cold ranges

  • Save money on inappropriate purchases

  • Feel confident in handling patterns and shades

  • Learn which shades will update your wardrobe

Meeting Client Candy via Zoom
for Online PCA
Online PCA



Free support for 6 months via Whatsapp or other online texting tools, answering your questions based on the Personal Color Analysis result.

Respond in 24 hours.



  1. I need at least two photos of you that is:
    * A head shot looking straight ahead 
    * No makeup & hair off face

      * In tight fitting clothes​

      * Good lighting (no shadows)
      * As high resolution as possible (clear and large)

   2. Schedule an online video consultation

   3. Tiff will personally reviewing and identifying your personal color

online consultation


  1. Your personal color palette on clothing, makeup, hair, accessories,  and even nail color will also be covered

  2. Outfit color coordination technique 



Personalized report created and written by Tiff will be sent to you five business days after receiving your photos 


Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Color Analysis (PCA):

1) What is Personal Color Analysis (PCA)?

The goal of a Personal Color Analysis is to identify your natural color tone and to accurately place it into one of the scientifically organized 4 seasonal tones.

Your analysis will be conducted by Tiff Chan, Certified Personal Color Consultant of JPCA Japan.  Your skin will be assessed through a logical and systematic test color draping process with calibrated drapes. We will see the different affects created on the skin, hair and eyes by the progression of the various test colors.  You'll begin to see what colors enhance your natural beauty and which ones oppose you. This process is tried and proven and your season will be accurately determined by the end of the analysis.

I'll discuss your colors and how to use them when you're shopping or in your closet.  You will walk away from your THEO experience with the confidence and clarity you need to utilize your unique color palette to your advantage

2)  What are the benefits of PCA?

  • Confidently know your best shades of colors to assist you in your career, relationships, and goals for the rest of your life!

  • Look healthier, stronger, and more beautiful surrounded by your colors that harmonize with YOU!

  • Simplify your wardrobe, makeup, accessories, and home decor - declutter your current wardrobe/makeup graveyard!

  • Shop like a boss and save $! Thanks to your seasonal color tool, you'll know what colors are your best and you'll be able to shop more efficiently and effectively!

  • Receive positive benefits from your color analysis for the rest of your life!

3) What should I be aware of when purchasing a PCA service?

  • What sort of training they have had,  you can find on their bio on website the program they have taken;

  • Make sure they are recognised or certified program they have taken;

  • Look at their testimonials; 

  • Find out what is included in the color analysis appointment so when you know your color palette you will know what hair makeup clothing and accessory, this should be a part of your consultation;

  • What post-analysis consultation services are available.

4) Which option is best for me?  Online or In-Person is better?

If you are someone who will want to know in significant detail how I complete an colour analysis, the colour analysis process in general, significant details about each undertone option and seasonal colour palette etc., I recommend you reviewing the In-Person Personal Color Analysis as this option may be a better fit for your colour analysis and colour analysis information needs. 

If you can hardly spare few hours for the analysis but you want to learn your color palette by a professional, online PCA can fulfill your needs.

5) What is the difference in Online Color Analysis and In-Person Color Analysis?

The major difference for online color analysis is you do not experience the colors on you, sometimes it's tricky for you to visualize without a professional walking you through the whole experience.  Also, lighting variations in pictures happens therefore I do have special request on the photos you submit.

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