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Booking available for LIMITED TIME only

A tailor-made shopping experience to explore your style.   I am here to assist in all of your fashion needs. Try new trends and understand how personal style can be incorporated into the season's new fashions.


Learn how to buy better and make more responsible choice when hitting the malls! 

Shop from your favourite boutique

One on one shopping experiences with me from your favorite mall/ shop.


NO FORCED SHOPPING!  Let's pick out looks together, try on and understand your body and style with something new.  Or Tiff will help picking out looks and best suited for your body type and style.  This is perfect for your upcoming vacay, special event or wardrobe overhaul.

Shopping for CNY

Shopping request from client Winnie after completion of Personal Color Analysis, Face & Body Analysis, Fashion Style Analysis and two sessions of Wardrobe Optimization.  Winnie hopes to get some new clothes for the chinese new year and she would like my accompany to her favorite boutiques in Central - Aalis and Zara.

Winnie is  "Spring" season suitable for yellow tone, bright and colorful clothing and accessories, creating waistline is important for her rectangular body shape.  

Client's favorite shop
Tried something different
Try something different

Get in touch with me today to learn how this service benefits you!

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