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Not just decluttering

Shopping > Hoarding > Dispose ... repeat and repeat .. is this what you are experiencing?  Have you ever thought about the reason for your clothing hoarding is that you don't know what you have and what you need?

Together we’ll discover your wardrobe's potential and let me unlock a whole new wardrobe for you! 

This service includes:

  • discover the proportion of your workwear, casual wear etc;

  • choose what to keep / donate / tailor by a "Clothing-Danshari";

  • assess your entire collection, identify missing pieces, reorganize and discover new looks

  • pair unexpected items and re-discover anything that isn't on your list of absolute loves;

  • create a capsule collection of wardrobe essentials that you can live, work and play all year round

Booking available for LIMITED TIME only

Wardrobe Optimization is right for you if you are looking for:

  • solutions for your clothing, accessories, shoes and bags hoarding;

  • assistance to decide what stays and what should be discarded, sent to charity, stored for seasonal use, recycled or sold;

  • best possible options of outfits using only the clothes, shoes and accessories you already have in your wardrobe

  • solutions to cut down your shopping bills and spent $0 on new clothes but you will look chic and polished

  • possible way to create a stylish sustainable wardrobe


Let’s work together to create the most stunning version of yourself. You will know what you really need in your next shopping!

Need help?



1st Wardrobe Optimization for Ms Lai's Spring/Summer wardrobe


  1. A closet full of clothes, but feeling stuck in a rut from not knowing how to make clothes work together

  2. Buy duplicates of her favorite clothes - fluffy tops and skinny jeans

  3. Clothes hoarding - keeping regrettable items, unworn. Believing they will be useful in the future



  1. Categorized clothes by scenarios and style

  2. Pair unexpected items and re-discover items that isn't on her list of absolute loves

  3. Understand what is missing

  4. Able to mix-and-match


Before-And-After:  Style Transformation

She has a wardrobe full of stuff and I know what to do with it!
Remarks: Personal Color Analysis, Face & Body Analysis & Fashion Style Analysis were done before wardrobe optimization.

Re-Styled with existing clothing

2nd Wardrobe Optimization for Autumn/Winter


In addition to the problems found in the 1st consultation, this time I also found:

  1. Repeat purchase - similar coats and jackets while essential items are missing

  2. Obsession to certain designer shoe brands - not usually wear heels but cannot resist buying

  3. Shoes are not visible, most of the shoes are in storage



  1. Know what is in hand and wear them

  2. Learn the basics of layering clothing for cold weather

  3. Invest in essential items - winter tops 

  4. Use “Stopping Overshopping Reminder": Do I need this?​ What if I wait? When to wear? How to match my outfits?

  5. Institute a one item in, one item out policy


"It’s a lot of fun mix and matching at home.  The thing I learn from Tiff was how to dress up wisely ...."

Winnie Lai

Wardrobe Optimization for Entrepreneur Ms Cynthia Wu 

Cynthia has a wardrobe full of hidden treasures, luxury suits and scarves, wide range of accessories from different countries 


Before-And-After:  Style Transformation

After a wardrobe review and find out what items are in bad conditions, out of style and not suitable for her stage of life.  Cynthia now has a more stylish, young and energetic wardrobe for her new business - Life Coach

New energetic look

Remarks: Personal Color Analysis was done along with Wardrobe Optimization

Clothes are worn once, then go to the no-go area of the back of wardrobe. Or worse still, they are never worn at all and the price tags are still attached. This makes it even harder to part with them because the label is a reminder of the money wasted.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, weighed down or held back by disorganisation in your wardrobe?
Are you finding it hard to let go of unwanted items?
Are you wasting time, energy or money when you go shopping?
Have you fallen out of love with or are not making the most of your personal style?

Have you objects or items around you that make you feel guilty or regretful?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions on any level, contact me to learn more about how this service can benefit you today.

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